About Just Easy Cigars

Hello, my name is Jose R. Sanchez I am a professional cigar roller, I was trained in Cuba and I worked there for more then 15 years in the most important cigar factories in the country. For the past 3 years I have been doing different types of events trying to show cigar lovers the history of a good hand made cigar.

I have come out with my own complex spicy and rich line of my full bodied oily sheen and hearty creamy flavored blend getting very close in taste to a good Havana.

After introducing myself to you and letting you know a little about me you may find yourself interested in using my services. I can roll cigars in live shows or you may want to try one of my finest creations “The perfect blend” Just Easy Cigars.

Sincerely yours,

Jose "Rene" Sanchez

Owner - Just Easy Cigars


About Jose "Rene" Sanchez


Jose Rene Sanchez was born in Havana , Cuba . Known to many as Rene, to those close to him he is called “Flaco”. Rene was the youngest in a family of three and the only son. His Mother is la senora Juana Mila a tobacco worker for more then four decades, and the one who introduced Rene to this field at a very young age.

In 1984, Rene learned the skill of tobacco rolling at the Partagas Factory in la Havana trained by the late Orlando Ortegas master in the making of numerous cigar stiles and well known in the industry. At that same time Rene used all his time and effort to learn the art of choosing the best cigar leafs, the blending and rolling of quality Cuban cigars.

At different times he was chosen to represent Partagas in many events around Cuba and also traveled to Spain and Holland where Rene would demonstrate his talent of making a hand rolled cigar.

After thirty five years he left Cuba to become a U.S. resident. When Rene is not doing Cigar Rolling shows around the country, he lives in Florida with his wife and kids.

In 2003 Rene wanted to release his own cigar brand which he named “Just Easy” the name was suggested from his son when asked what to call his cigars his son Justin said Just Easy after his name “Justin and his sister Isis” Isis translation in English is easy. Rene is a very proud family man.

Rene Believes that Cuban Cigars have gained their fame due to the great quality and tradition as well as for the blessing of having a country with one of the best soils seen anywhere which allows the seeds to grow to become beautiful plants. Rene wanted to introduce his cigars not to be compared to a Cuban Cigar but rather judged on their own merits. Rene Believes that a great cigar is not in the name of a country but rather in the way the roller makes the cigar. Lastly, he feels that it is time that cigars not coming from Cuba bring smokers the same quality and enjoyment.